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10 February 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

``The people responsible for this bomb are not acting in the interests of republicanism or the Irish people. They have no support in our community.''

Martin McGuinness reacting to the Fermanagh bombing claimed by the Continuity IRA

What Unionists want above all from this process is that the world declare them innocent of all wrongdoing, error or fault.

John Waters, The Irish Times, Tuesday

To propose, in the context of decommissioning, that fudge was acceptable up to the point of signing up, but suspect thereafter is to suggest that the point of the Belfast Agreement was to create a trap for republicanism. If this is the tactic now being put into effect, we should be clear in our minds that it has no chance of success. Given what is at stake, this alone places its morality in question.

John Waters

The Irish Republican Army cannot and will not be seen dancing to a unionist tune.

Reporter David Bowden on Sky News, Friday, 4 February

Asking Fianna Fáil to come up with rules on ethics is rather like asking the inmates of Death Row whether they're in favour of capital punishment.

Pat Brosnan, The Examiner, Friday 4 February

My role is complete. I don't intend to return to second guess, in very difficult circumstances, these political leaders.

Senator George Mitchell

Okay, when the IRA issued their terse statement earlier this week saying there was no threat to the peace process, they could have taped a bullet onto the bottom of it. That would constitute a start to decommissioning. It would be ``product'' instead of words. But it would also be farcical, just as the whole controversy over decommissioning is farcical.

TP O'Mahony, in a piece entitled `Time for unionists to realise that decommissioning is a pipe dream' in last Friday's Examiner

The British government, I think, are making a very, very serious mistake under the blackmail of a threat to withdraw by the unionists and that's where the crisis is coming from.

Mitchel McLaughlin, the Irish News, Monday 7 February

In terms of timescale, it will be right up to the wire.

26-County government source on the suspension of the Agreement

I believe that we've gone too far into this process, made too much progress, and I think the will of the people , not to mind the elected view of the people, is that we must find a way through this.

Bertie Ahern speaking on Monday, 7 February

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