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13 January 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Pursuing the warrants has created a lack of confidence - a confidence that has been built up over a number of weeks and months around the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. For six weeks after the Supreme Court judgement he lived in his own house and for six weeks the gardaí did not come to his house and have not come to his house since.

Sinn Féin's Martin Ferris on the attempted extradition of Angelo Fusco last week


It isn't helpful to one particular man at this particular time and it could be very unhelpful to the whole political process.

Fianna Fáil Chairperson of Kerry County Council Ted Fitzgerald on the attempted extradition


This decision by the DPP is another body blow for our family. Nearly ten months after her death, there is no sign of any commitment to truth and justice for Rosemary. Tony Blair must recognise his responsibility in relation to truth and justice for Rosemary and establish an independent international judicial inquiry into all the circumstances surrounding her murder.

Paul Nelson on the decision not to prosecute RUC officers involved in issuing death threats against his wife, assassinated civil rights solicitor Rosemary Nelson


The Republic, for the first time since it gained independence, has become a partner with NATO - one of the world's largest and most aggressive nuclear military forces. To celebrate the outbreak of peace, Raytheon, the third largest arms manufacturing company in the United States, has been invited to set up a plant in Derry... Ireland should and could become a champion of the cause of the poor majority in our world and a country which steadfastly refuses to provide any part of the weapons for their genocide.

Joe Murray of AFrI on Ireland's increasing gravitation towards NATO and the arms trade, The Examiner, Saturday 8 January


Over the course of the last couple of weeks we have seen all of us effectively on the one boat. The boat has just moved away from its berthing position - we are still in the harbour - but we are still moving forward and I think anyone who jumps off it at this stage will drown.

Martin McGuinness on unionist demands for decommissioning


In the interest of public health, there should be no let up in the campaign to prevent dumping of radioactive material in the Irish Sea, where disturbance of the seabed could yet pose a major hazard.

Editorial in last week's Examiner


We called him that because we all felt he was a terrible posturing old ham.

Former school friend of Tony Blair on his nickname `Miranda' at school

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