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13 January 2000 Edition

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Back issue: UDR morale crumbles

So much for the myth that the British Army is in the North protecting the nationalist population! ``Who's going to defend us,'' demanded loyalist MP, Reverend Robert Bradford, ``when the British Army is taken out to fight the Russians?'' Bradford also called, on Tuesday, for the official introduction of British firing squads and the re-introduction of internment.

Speaking after an IRA landmine ambush in South Down, which destroyed two armoured jeeps, killed three UDR soldiers and injured four others, Bradford said morale in the loyalist UDR was at an all-time low, that recruitment had been hit and consequently some areas in the North are very sparsely patrolled. ``The UDR,'' he said, ``want to shoot and encounter the enemy... sabotuers, spies, bombers and planners should be shot... that's what war is all about.''

Last August, Bradford achieved notoriety when he said that the British Army in an attempt to capture IRA Volunteers should have stormed Belfast's Casement Stadium, where thousands of people attended a `Brits Out' Rally.

An Phoblacht, 12 January 1980

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