13 January 2000 Edition

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Crown forces accused of death threat

A death threat sent to a mother of two and her partner may have been the work of the crown forces, says Sinn Féin's Sean Hayes.

The threat, along with a .38 bullet, arrived in the post at the woman's house and warned her and her partner that they would be killed.

The threat referred to the woman's partner using an insulting `nickname' that only the RUC use.

The man was shot and almost killed by loyalists about ten years ago. Prior to the shooting a UDR Greenfinch and a Scots soldier were convicted of giving the man's details to loyalists, although the RUC didn't inform the man of this.

He received a bullet in the post during last summer and he was one of those told that his details were discovered in Stoneyford Orange Hall in November last year.

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