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9 December 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Cleary we are a society moving out of conflict - a conflict born out of the British government's involvement in Ireland. The status quo has changed and will continue to change. The new constitutional arrangements point up the failure of partition and the British Government has now recognised that this is a disputed territory.

Gerry Adams after the first meeting of the Six-County Executive last week


We all know there is much inequality out there. We know that there are disadvantaged people and people in working-class areas who are looking at us with a sense of hope... We want a total demilitarisation of our society.

Martin McGuinness after the meeting


They are there to forward one interest only; to break the link between this part of the United Kingdom and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Ian Paisley on Sinn Féin's ministers


For the first time in a quarter of a century, politicians elected by the people of Northern Ireland assumed Ministerial responsibilities at Stormont.

Editorial in the Irish News, Friday 3 December


It is reckoned that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor. One landed here last week, so the big question is - how come the DUP are still running around up North?

Columnist Fiona Ryan in last Sunday's Ireland On Sunday


It's a very negative attitude, almost a hateful attitude. They don't want it to work.

US Congressman Peter King on the DUP's attitude to the Executive


Benefits were skewed towards the better off, giving them substantial gains, and against the poor, who were left once again collecting crumbs from the Celtic Tiger.

Seán Healy, Director of the Justice Commission on Charlie McCreevy's budget.


The net effect of Budget 2000 will be to widen further the gap between rich and poor. While the situation of the less well off will improve, the budget will not radically change their position.

Hugh Frazer of the Combat Poverty Agency


As a capitalist budget, this week's was a huge success, but as an attempt at social inclusion it failed in many respects.

Editorial in Ireland On Sunday on the budget.


I would point out that the increase suggested is almost three times more than the income of a single person on income support.

Gerry Adams on the increase voted by the Assembly in their salaries


The entire responsibility for these new and painful deaths falls on the government of the United States, because of the senseless way that illegal immigrants is promoted, stimulated and rewarded from that country.

Cuban Foreign Ministry declaration made on Cuban radio last week after a boat heading for the US capsized killing ten people of the Florida coast


It is an ironic criticism given the scale of discrimination against nationalists when the unionists and British were in charge.

Gerry Adams, after claims Sinn Féin would discriminate against Protestants


It's the only useful non-criminal activity the army taught me.

Letter from a former British soldier on his touch typing skills, The Guardian, Tuesday 6 December

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