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11 November 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

In Chechnya, Russia is using NATO's methods to achieve (Slobodon) Milosevic's ends.

Human rights activist on Russia's bombardment of Chechnya


It emerged yesterday that the papers were of British military origin and had been uncovered in an Orange hall at Stoneyford in County Antrim. These were significant developments, which should have been the subject of a specific and immediate statement from RUC headquarters. The onus is now on the leadership of the Orange Order to convince the general public that it wants nothing to do with extreme loyalism in any shape or form.

Editorial in last Friday's Irish News on the finding of British Army documents containing over 300 names of republicans


What were British military documents doing in the hands of loyalists? It underscores again the level of collusion which exists between loyalist death squads and the British Army and RUC.

Sinn Féin Assembly member Conor Murphy on the find


We are impatient to consolidate the Agreement, so that we can get on with the real business of politics.

John Hume last week


We do not have unlimited time to end the crisis in the peace process. This is the most critical phase of negotiations we have collectively faced since the peace process took root. It must not fail.

Martin McGuinness speaking last Saturday


I have made no secret of the fact that I would like to complete this as soon as possible. But I have also made clear that I have not and will not impose any specific date as a deadline.

George Mitchell, quoted in last Friday's Irish News.


Despite the committee bringing 80,000 people into Belfast for the St Patrick's Day Carnival for the past two years, portraying a positive image of Belfast, the council has continued to refuse funding and discriminate against us.

St Patrick's Day Carnival Committee spokesperson Caitríona Ruane, protesting outside the SDLP conference last weekend to try and force their Belfast councillors to reverse their decision to deny funds to the committee


This is entirely an intemperate and tribal Irish kind of attack.

Leading Australian monarchist Christopher Pearson, the editor of the Adelaide Review, attacking Catholic Archbishop George Pell, who had backed Australia's republican cause


Nothing will ever kill off the Republican Movement. Nothing will kill it until it succeeds.

Australian republican spokeperson Kim Beazley on the Australian Republican Movement's campaign to continue pushing for a republic and to sever links with Britain's royals


We haven't given up hope yet that he may be buried at the republican plot. We would ask that the family still at this stage takes Tom's wishes in account and that was to be buried with his comrades.

National Graves Association spokesperson Liam Shannon on the decision not to bury hanged IRA Volunteer Tom Williams in the Republican Plot in Milltown Cemetery

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