11 November 1999 Edition

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Mála Poist

Timely debate

A Chairde,

It was interesting to see An Phoblacht grasp the nettle and bring the difficult issue of abortion to its readership. The coverage went to pains to be fair and balanced in relation to an issue that everyone finds painful.

The government's Green Paper appears to be trying to take in all views. It was a long time coming. Where now is the legislation?

Let's hope the government has the guts to grasp the nettle and that the opposition doesn't use the issue to play petty politics.

I'd particularly like to see further clarification of the Sinn Féin position and how it relates to real life issues, as it appears to me that you are fudging the issue. By trying to see everyone's point of view, you are in danger of saying nothing. Abortion is a real issue and deserves a real policy.

A woman's right to choose is central to any vision of a republican socialist Ireland. Don't tell me that this issue will be dealt with when we have a united Ireland. Women have waited too long.

Abortion is a real issue, facing real women every day. Deal with it.

Anne Maguire,


Co. Dublin.

Birth rights

A Chairde,

I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate An Phoblacht for giving us an insight into the government's Green Paper on abortion.

The statistics coming to us worldwide on abortion are now a modern day holocaust with an estimated 55 million children being killed in abortion clinics.

It is very sad and depressing to see Sinn Féin's position on this human rights issue which effectively supports abortion on demand. It is exactly the same which saw Britain introduce abortion in 1967.

I wonder does Sinn Féin's position on abortion represent a majority of Irish republicans? Surely there are some who are prepared to defend the right of life of the most defenceless and vulnerable human being, the child in the womb.

It is refreshing to meet young people on the streets of Dublin and Belfast campaigning for a basic human and civil right, the right to be born.

Oliver Doonan


Co. Leitrim.

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