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28 October 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

When we split the nationalist vote and waste energy fighting each other, unionism gains at our expense. I fear that unless we can form some type of working relationship we will be destined forever to live under the same uncompromising unionist hegemony that partitioned Ireland and has caused the turmoil of the last 80 years here... we should give to unionism what they fear most, a united effort by Irish nationalism to confront their abuses.

SDLP member Seán Mac Giolla Mhaoil quoted in the Irish News, Thursday, 21 October


I think the IRA have made a remarkable contribution in calling cessations, in creating space, and maintaining that for such a long time, particularly against the background of continued political failure. I believe that is still their position. People asking for additional gestures are bypassing the responsibility of those denying political progress - it is not the IRA.

Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin


Of course this is about pay and of course this is about your pay and conditions in general, but it is also about the future integrity of the health service itself. There cannot be social partnership and cohesion in a country that has a £2 billion current budget surplus but beds closed in the Mater Hospital, theatres closed in Vincent's because we haven't got enough of a human resource of qualified nursing personnel.

Nursing Alliance Chairperson Liam Doran at last week's nurses rally in Dublin


The ones [refugees] I visited in Waterford were clearly terrified at the prospect of returning to Romania. They told tales of fleeing frightened for their lives, after facing harrowing persecution because of who they were. Sound familiar? Irish people who left their own country in similar situations were welcomed with open arms into America and other places. Surely it is time for the Republic to follow that example.

Michael O'Toole writing last Thursday's Irish News on refugees and their plight in Ireland


Despite the current political impasse and the prevarication by unionists, the IRA showed their continued commitment to the process by releasing these men unharmed.

Republican source on the detention of two British soldiers arrested by the IRA last week


I think your story about the IRA releasing the two British soldiers says it all. If the IRA weren't genuine, Tony Blair would have been meeting two bodies coming back to Britain.

Short Strand resident in a call to the Irish News' Comment Line on Monday on the same incident


While there remains a small chance of breaking the impasse in the peace process, it can only happen if the political will is there among all the parties. Sinn Féin is committed to moving the process forward. This week will show if our commitment is matched by other parties.

Gerry Adams speaking at the weekend

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