28 October 1999 Edition

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Threat and RUC summons sent to wrong address

THE RUC is suspected of being behind death threats to Lurgan Sinn Féin member Matt Rooney and his family after he received letters from the RUC and the Loyalist Volunteer Force - both sent sent separately within days of each other and both to the same wrong address.

According to Rooney, he received a death threat from the paramilitary Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) two months ago. The threat was contained in a Christmas card which had an LVF design on the front. The LVF murder threat, however, was sent to the wrong address - to the same address that the RUC sent a summons in Matt Rooney's name just two weeks ago.

The card, he told An Phoblacht, contained three different types of handwriting. One threatened his children, the other identified his car and the third was aimed at his father, who has just moved to a new house.

The card also said, ``We look forward to seeing you at your new address,'' but noting an incorrect address for Rooney.

Rooney told An Phoblacht:

``About two weeks ago, a summons issued against me by the RUC was posted to the same wrong address, the home of an elderly man. Then the death threat aimed at me was delivered to the elderly man's house.

``This must mean that the RUC - or the RIR, who have access to RUC files - are now sending out death threats in the name of the LVF.''

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