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17 June 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

I am both angry and saddened that the Ulster Unionist Party have yet to accept the principle of inclusivity which the council recently voted for. The decision also reflects their inability to respond to the changed political situation as a result of the Good Friday Agreement.

Belfast Deputy Lord Mayor Marie Moore after Lord Mayor Bob Stoker attempted to defend his actions of not inviting Sinn Féin to the Mayor's dinner.


The Catholic community in my area has been exposed to abuse for a long time; it's not a new phenomenon. I honestly believe that the loyal order needs to talk to residents. It's inconsistent to say we won't talk to people with a paramilitary background when they march behind paramilitary bands.

Church of Ireland Reverend, Ken Newell of the Ormeau Road stating a few truths about Orange marches last week.


We should be able to eliminate poverty in this country by the year 2005. We will have the money to do so. All that it needs is the political will.

Fr Seán Healy on poverty in the Ireland of the `Celtic Tiger' and the Dublin government's unwillingness to combat it effectively. The Examiner, Thursday 10 June.


We are the fastest growing party among young voters because they see that we are not part of the political establishment that has been associated with corrupt and sleazy Golden Circle.

Munster EU candidate Martin Ferris in the Examiner last week.


I take this opportunity to leave no one in any doubt - including the Prime Minister and President Clinton - that Ulster Unionists will not serve in any executive with Sinn Féin whilst their IRA colleagues refuse to begin decommissioning illegal armaments. If this means the failure of the Belfast Agreement, so be it.

UUP's John Taylor speaking to United States students in London last week.


What has a taoiseach elected by the people, to fear from an honest and open debate on a matter of such importance to Ireland? Or is there some trade off that we do not know about?

Letter in last week's Irish Times calling for a referendum on `Partnership for Peace'.


We doubled our representation on the South. We doubled our vote in the North. We are saying to Tony Blair we are a positive influence here and we are ready to do business.

Sinn Fein chairman Mitchel McLaughlin. Irish News, Tuesday 15 June.


Sinn Féin's day has finally come.

Headline in Ireland On Sunday, 13 June.


We are making advances all over the place. We have gone from one councillor in Dublin to six or seven. Any party that can achieve that would be well pleased with its performance.

Martin McGuinness after last week's count in the RDS.


The breakthrough for Sinn Féin in this election augurs well for the party in the next general election. While Christy Burke finally has company in Dublin Corporation, it looks as if Seán Crowe or Dessie Ellis could join Caoimhghin O Cáoláin in Leinster House.

Ireland On Sunday Political Editor Mairéad Carey on Sinn Féin's success in the 26 Counties.

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