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20 May 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

We are hurt by Mr. Maginnis's remarks... We feel in what he is saying he is trying to justify the attack and murder of Robert.

Diane Hamill, responding to comments made by Ulster Unionist MP Ken Maginnis about her brother Robert, who was kicked to death by loyalists two years ago.


Today, as we enter a new era, the connection can no longer be viewed as in any sense appropriate... The idea that the Ulster Unionists would continue in thoase circumstances to be heavily influenced by the Orange Order simply cannot be sustained.

Editorial in last week's Irish News on calls for the UUP and Orange Order to end their formal link.


I would like to declare that as a democratically elected socialist, my vision for Scotland is of a democratic socialist republic where the supreme sovereignty lies with the people of Scotland and not in an unelected monarch and therefore I take this affirmation under protest.

Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan on the first day of Scotland's new parliament, when members were sworn in.


Given the choice between sending a nonentity or a bigot to Europe, unionists always choose a bigot.

Brian Feeney, writing in the Irish News.


The Irish electorate's attitudes towards the Kosovo crisis and European security issues are revealed clearly in today's Irish Times/MRBI opinion poll findings. The most decisive finding is that an overwhelming majority supports holding a referendum on the government's proposal to join the NATO-sponsored Partnership for Peace programme of military co-operation in Europe.

Editorial in Friday's Irish Times on an opinion poll showing that the majority of voters favour a referendum.


The county lodges have said they will have their 12th demonstrations as normal, but they have still given permission for lodges to go to Portadown... there doesn't seem to be any big change there.

Breandán Mac Cionnaith on alleged moves by the Orange Order to avoid a concentration of their members at Drumcree on 12 July.


The major said that we could be of great help to each other with information on explosives on either side of the border. He then informed me that I would be well looked after if I could supply that information.

Retired 26-County Army officer Patrick Trears, who was approached three months after the 1974 Dublin/Monaghan bombings by British Intelligence and a Garda detective to become a British informer.


This has been going on for months and loyalists are trying to force Catholics out of Antrim. Loyalist thugs are erecting UVF flags all over the town to intimidate and heighten tension. The level of intimidation is frightening and I can't sleep at night worrying if my family will be the next victims of a pipe bomb or sledge hammer.

Catholic resident in the South Antrim area on ongoing loyalist attacks in the region. The Irish News, Monday 17 May.


Sinn Féin's vision is to transform politics on this island. This means both the achievement of Irish unity and independence and the replacement of the old conservative politics which have dominated the political landscape in Ireland, through consolidating the peace process and the achievement of a democratic settlement.

Mitchel McLaughlin at the launch of his EU election campaign in Belfast.

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