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20 May 1999 Edition

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Back issue: Revolution soldiers

The victorious emergence of blanket-leader Kieran Nugent from the H-Block tombs last week showed the British government and the world that republican political prisoners-of-war will not be `criminalised'.

Britain's continued imposition of cellular confinement, no exercise, no fresh air, forcible bathing, shearing and beatings upon the naked prisoners in the H-Blocks is increasingly shown to be futile.

An Phoblacht salutes Kieran Nugent and Derry man John Deery (released from the H-Blocks a fortnight ago) and sends greetings to our imprisoned comrades who have made the H-Blocks a real and significant battlefield. `Criminalisation' is being smashed and the beatings being carried out in H-Block are failing to drive men off the blanket protest.

The British know that the H-Block men are revolutionary soldiers. They even admit it privately - as is shown in the secret Ministry of Defence document, prepared by Brigadier Glover, now commander of British army land forces in the North. The public exposure of this document a week ago represents a major breakthrough in exposing the hypocrisy of the British.

An Phoblacht 19 May 1979.

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