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8 April 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

A hen and a pig were walking along the street when they came upon a massive billboard advertising bacon and eggs. Looking up, the pig observed, `for you that is an offering, for me it is a sacrifice'.

Republican activist quoted in relation to decommissioning by Frank Connolly in the Sunday Business Post, 4 April.


Do we really see the risen Christ screaming abuse at others? Do we see Him demanding his rights without regard to the rights of others? Do we see Him in the rejection of reasonable assurances asked by the primate [Dr. Robin Eames] from those attending public worship at Drumcree?

Dr. Walton Empey, the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin in his Easter address, the Irish Times, Monday, 5 April.


Bomb, Bomb, Bomb.

In-depth analysis on the `Irish' Sun's front page last Thursday relating to the NATO bombing of Kosovo.


Stateless, landless and derelict: the forelorn lost tribe of Kosovo... Somewhere, somehow, somebody should have been here with hot food and shelter at the very least. But the tribe didn't seem to notice. In their eyes, young and old, there was only that horrifying look - the weariness that lies beyond suffering.

James Dalrymple's report on the Kosovo refugees in last week's English Independent.


Why does nobody believe us when we say we cannot produce this.

Sinn Féin source quoted in the Examiner on IRA decommissioning, Thursday 1 April.


The IRA set to destroy its arms.

Headline in last week's Examiner, obviously knowing something nobody else does.


Hopefully, it can be moved on. No, I don't think we can be confident, but we can be hopeful.

Gerry Adams, speaking after last Thursday's declaration by the two governments.


We have made it clear, both privately and publicly, that any resolution of these difficulties has to be within the context of the Good Friday Agreement. We've also made it clear that we, as a party, cannot deliver on the unionist demand for IRA weapons... Sinn Féin will return to the renewed discussions determined to see this agreement implemented in full.

Gerry Adams. Irish Times, Friday 2 April.


The baby, a boy, is six feet, nine inches. Sorry, six pounds, nine ounces.

Martin McGuinness announcing the news that he has become a grandfather for the first time at Hillsborough last week.


As far as we're concerned in Sinn Féin, at every stage of this peace process when we gave our word we kept it. We have behaved honourably to the end, it is now time for others to behave honourably and give their word. The time for delays is over, the time for clarity is here.

Martin McGuinness is his Easter address in Dundalk.


We cannot deliver the demand for IRA weapons, no matter how this is presented.

Sinn Féin's Bairbre De Brún, speaking at the Easter commemoration in County Tyrone.

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