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8 April 1999 Edition

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Back issue: Remand protest continues

Since October of last year, the 250 internees-on-remand in Crumlin Road prison have been protesting in solidarity with their comrades on the blanket in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh. The men's ``non cooperation with the screws'' protest has primarily involved refusing to clear out their cells, to shave themselves or to have their hair cut.

The prisoners have also been digging H-Block slogans into their cell walls with bed-ends, toothpaste tubes and other suitable implements.

In an effort to break the solidarity protest, the prison regime has removed most of the men's so-called privileges. They are refused food parcels, books, newspapers and evening association between 5pm and 7pm.

They are only allowed to purchase tobacco and toiletries from the shop.

These deprivations can, of course, only be fully grasped in the context that the prison food is meagre and dubious in content.

Cell raids by screws take place usually three times a week, during which the prisoners' few possessions are strewn about the cell and trampled upon.

An Phoblacht, 7 April 1979

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