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8 April 1999 Edition

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Clear Easter message

The message delivered by the thousands of republicans who turned out over the Easter holiday period is clear and simple. Implement the Good Friday Agreement.

That agreement, brokered in the breathing space afforded by an IRA cessation that remains firmly in force, was accepted by Sinn Féin and the party's voters despite the fact that it did not amount to what we would have liked.

It must be remembered, however, that Sinn Féin endorsed the Agreement, no more and no less. The party committed itself to doing all in its power to assist in securing the total demilitarisation of the situation. It has lived up to its commitment by cooperating fully with General de Chastelain but the unreasonable demand for unilateral IRA decommissioning has been beaten to death by a unionist camp fearful of change and determined that any progress towards justice and equality will be slow and preferably imperceptible.

David Trimble and his fellow unionists have failed to live up to the expectations of all those who voted for the Agreement through their foot-dragging and impossible demands. In doing so, they have given credence to the ne'ersayers on both sides and have created a vacuum in which nationalists in vulnerable areas across the North are suffering.

Instead of pandering to unreasonable demands, the governments now have a responsibility to act like governments, stick to the terms of the Agreement, accept the bona fides of Sinn Féin, trigger d'Hondt, and finally get this process moving.

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