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25 February 1999 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Can we be friendly with unionists - of course we can. I am prepared to do everything in my power to extend the hand of friendship to unionists and to the political leadership of unionism. It is absolutely essential that we all work together.

Martin McGuinness las week.


Banks, don't you just love them? Most readers will surely be familiar with that sinking feeling associated with the second between opening a letter from the bank and reading its contents... They won't let you away with anything. It works the same in the Republic. Unless, of course you are a senior poitician, that is.

Michael O'Toole in his Letter from Dublin column. Irish News, Thursday 18 February.


If we can use our intellect and our will and our goodwill and our mandate to resolve the problem, then every issue will be resolved. But everybody has to play a part in it, both governments, all the parties, and we don't absolve ourselves of responsibility of playing our part in that.

Gerry Adams on decommisssioning. Thursday 18 February.


But beginning anew means thinking of the police service as fundamentally new - as the Good Friday Agreement thinks of constitutional arrangements, at least that much.

US Senator Tom Hayden saying simple reform of the RUC is not enough. Irish News, Friday 19 February.


We are calling on the government to open an independent inquiry. We feel as a family that this is the only way we are going to be told the truth. For 23 years we have been told that it was the IRA (who killed Mr Ludlow) but they [Gardaí] always had all the information, including who killed. They have supressed this evidence and I think one of the reasons for this is that one of the men in the car was an agent or an informer. As far back as 1979 the Guards could have acted on the evidence they had, it was very strong evidence.

Séamus Ludlow's nephew Jimmy Sharkey trying to uncover the truth behind his uncle's murder 20 years ago, quoted in the Irish News, Friday 19 February.


If Haughey and Fitzgerald saw a £20 note in the street, Haughey would put it in his pocket and the other eejit would lose it.

Tim Pat Coogan. Ireland On Sunday, 21 February.


This is a continuance of the harassment of the nationalists in this community, particularly the McAnespie family. We are now moving into a peace process, but nothing has changed for us. When are they going to recognise us as equals?

Eilish McCabe, sister of Aidan, who was shot dead by a British soldier 11 years ago, after being harassed by crown forces after an anniversary Mass was held for her brother.


Convicted murders Wright and Fisher have not only been re-admitted to the army, but now they are to be re-armed and sent on peackeeping service in Kosovo. What kind of peace can these men keep, men who knowingly murdered a teenager in North Belfast six years ago.

Gerry Kelly on the Scot's Guards Wright and Fisher (convicted murderers of Peter McBride), who are reportly on `peacekeeping' duty in Kosovo. Irish News, Monday 22 February.

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