17 December 1998 Edition

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Brendan Quinn and Eddie Grant

This Christmas Eve sees the 25th anniversary of the death of two IRA Volunteers, Brendan Quinn and Eddie Grant, who were killed along with a number of civilians in a premature explosion in Clarke's pub (now the Armaghdown) in Monaghan Street in Newry.

Both men were dedicated and active Volunteers. Brendan Quinn spent much of his young life working tirelessy for the republican movement through Sinn Fein and the IRA. He had a great interest in Irish history and was a keen Irish dancer.

Eddie Grant, a happy-go-lucky teenager, had a deep commitment to the republican movement. He never missed a demonstration or a march in his home town and much further afield.

The deaths of the two volunteers was a great loss to the republican movement and the cause of Irish freedom for which they gave their lives.

A few days after Brendan Quinn's funeral a poem (part of which is reproduced below) was left on his grave. His family have never discovered who wrote it.

My Friend You Were

To you I was more than a girl
To you I was a soldier
You loved me as I loved you
And together we loved the land

We made the bread, we worked hard
We fought for our rights
Through hours and days and years
You loved life as I did
We saw things in a different light, my friend

Then in our fight for freedom for our land
Your life was taken away
I miss you friend and I cry
But when the glory comes you'll be remembered as
A hero who fought and died

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