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26 November 1998 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

As the name suggests the Felons is an association for ex-prisoners who hold membership and office simply by virtue of being former political prisoners. How can it be otherwise? It is all harassment and it is continuous and ongoing. We are simply being victimised.

Felons' Chairman Liam Shannon on the ongoing RUC harassment of the club under laws which forbid former prisoners from serving on the club's committee.


However, as this newspaper and other voices have repeatedly said, particular doubts about the credibilty of the LVF are still firmly in place.

Editorial on the LVF. Irish News, Thursday 19 November.


The overwhelming majority of the Irish people have ratified the agreement. This includes the formation of the executive, the all-Ireland bodies and indeed the provisions to establish a new acceptable policing service.

Mitchel McLaughlin after UUP warnings on the collapse of the Agreement.


So they would fall into the trap of having to go back on to the streets to get black market methadone or go back on heroin.

Independent TD Tony Gregory at a Leinster House Committee meeting on prisoners who have received drug treatment in jail coming out to no treatment.


The Good Friday Agreement is a unique chance for all of us on this island, the best chance we will see in our lifetime. It is our determination to make it work, and to see the will of the people implemented, on an inclusive basis.

Bertie Ahern at last week's Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis.


Unionists are British and we intend to remain British... We have an impartial police force in Northern Ireland. What we need is for the nationalist parties to support the RUC and tell their people to join up.

UUP MP Willie Thompson in response to Bertie Ahern's Ard Fheis comments.


I completely and utterly condemn this, especially as it was the marines - those who shot Fergal Caraher. These people sitting in a pub on a Sunday afternoon - married couples and young men with their girlfriends. One of the men was very close to being killed. This is a sad state of affairs when we have a ceasefire.

Sinn Féin's Jim McAllister after local men were attacked by crown forces in Crossmaglen last Sunday afternoon.


This Saturday will see yet another pro-Drumcree demonstration take place from Portadown town centre out to Drumcree. The Grand Lodge of Ireland has also applied for a major demonstration at Drumcree on 19 December. These ongoing demonstrations are clearly designed to intimidate the local nationalist population.

Garvaghy Road Residents' Coalition statement after the Orange Order met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing Street.


I am not going to forget about all those years in jail and obviously as a republican I want to see a united Ireland. It is still the goal... the way forward is through the present process.

Recently released Republican POW Bernard Fox in an interview with the Irish News. Tuesday 24 November.


A question about his `Northern Irish Presbyterian' background is grammatically corrected. ``I'm a Northern Ireland Presbyterian, or a Presbyterian from Northern Ireland, I'm not Northern Irish.''

David Trimble corrects the editor of Fortnight magazine, John O'Farrell.

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