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26 November 1998 Edition

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Blair must implement Agreement

Tony Blair's visit to Ireland this week should have had one aim, the implementation of the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

The only people who have taken comfort from the current impasse have been the opponents of the Agreement, notably those Unionists who have campaigned against it all along. With this background, Blair's responsibility is clear. He must push for the institutions specified in the Agreement to be set up. It is long past the time when the Executive and the all-Ireland bodies should have been set up.

Only when that happens can there be any hope of building confidence in a political process. To take any other route is to go against the terms of the Agreement.

Gather evidence on RUC

Sinn Féin this week launched an initiative to catalogue the anti-nationalist bias of the RUC.

The discredited force has been on a charm offensive since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement yet on the ground intimidation and attacks on nationalists have continued. This week again An Phoblacht reports on RUC attempts to recruit informers, the firing of plastic bullets and attacks on nationalists. The project will seek to gather this and any other evidence in order to show the true face of a sectarian force.

At a time when the debate over a new policing service is at its height and when UN reports have condemned the RUC in the strongest terms, there is no room for allowing them to continue their repressive ways.

All evidence should be given to Sinn Féin or to An Phoblacht. It is time to put this force out of commission.

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