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29 October 1998 Edition

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Theatre: Loud and proud in the Big Apple

Angel Orensanz Foundation Center for the Arts
New York

An old cathedral in Lower Manhattan was the location for this fantastic production. With a strong cast, a well written script and directed by Pam Brighton, Binlids dramatises the effects of the last thirty years of conflict and struggle in West Belfast, as seen through the eyes of ordinary people.

A community that has suffered for decades with censorship and marginalisation, here get a chance to voice their experiences and allow the audience to be right there on the scene through the various stages as the conflict unfolds - from the Civil Rights Movement to internment, right through the Hunger Strikes, which struck a highly emotive chord with this reviewer, and on to the search for a peaceful settlement.

The ingenious play uses a promenade approach in portraying events; with five stages the audience is continuously jumping from one to the other.

Binlids will leave a lasting impression on all who see it and has played to large appreciative audiences in New York. It is an experience that is highly recommended.

By Niall O'Rourke

An Phoblacht
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Dublin 1