27 August 1998 Edition

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Points debate returns

The annual anguish faced by many students in the 26 Counties at the hands of the points system again brings focus to an unfair educational system.

SFY members were vocal on the injustice they feel is unleashed on young people as a result of the race for third level places. On Tuesday college offers were made and, while SFY wished to ``congratulate all those people who received the college place of their choice today'', they were also scathing of the immense pressure exerted on young people at this time.

``The points system fails the majority of students in the 26 counties. We feel that no account of the individual's talents and skills are taken by the existing system and we call on the Department of Education to create a new system as a matter of urgency,'' said Dublin co-ordinator Matt Carthy.

One possible method suggested by the SFY College Executive would be the integration of a continuous assessment programme in conjunction with the existing points system. Urging a forum for consultation with teachers, students and their respective communities, the organisation called for action on the issue.

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