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18 June 1998 Edition

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UDA gun found in Dublin

by Michael Pierse

A machine gun found two weeks ago by two boys in the Dublin suburb of Palmerstown is believed to have originated in a shipment acquired by the UDA, in the 1994/1995 period.

The `Rhuzi' sub machine gun, a relative of the more widely used Israeli Uzi 9mm, could prove conclusively what republicans have known for a long time - close ties between loyalist death squads and 26 county drug barons.

According to reports, the gun was inoperable, badly rusted, and had been inactive in recent times. However, it may indicate larger arsenals elsewhere, and the maintenance of such close relationships between loyalists and crime lords as that between the Portadown UVF (now LVF) and Martin ``The General'' Cahill. Following the recent anniversary of IRA Volunteer Martin ``Doco'' Doherty's murder by the UVF, which was aided and abetted by Cahill, it is a worrying reminder of the threat posed by such links.

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