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18 June 1998 Edition

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Keep up the pressure for change - Vote Sinn Féin

Next week's election to the new Six County assembly is the most important for nationalists in many years. The hope generated by the Good Friday Agreement will only be realised if the political representatives of nationalism ensure that progress is made on the range of issues which affect people's daily lives and that the scope for development of the all-Ireland structures is explored.
Sinn Féin's peace strategy, Gerry Adams's dialogue with John Hume, the subsequent nationalist consensus and the IRA cessations were the dynamic which led to the peace process, to all-party talks and eventually real political negotiations.

For political progress to continue, the momentum generated by republicans and nationalists must be maintained at this critical juncture. It is incumbent upon nationalists across the Six Counties to come out in the greatest numbers ever to return Assembly representatives who will maintain the momentum for political change.

The choice before the people is to decide which party in the forthcoming election is more likely to deliver on the opportunities and promises contained in the Good Friday agreement and which are more likely to continue with the failed policies of the past.

Sinn Féin sees the Good Friday Agreement and the institutions which arise from it as transitional and wishes to progress towards national unity and independence, which is the right of the Irish people.

For the SDLP the Good Friday Agreement is an end in itself. For Sinn Féin it is only a beginning. Sinn Féin intends to push the Good Friday Agreement to its limits and beyond. The party intends to maximise the all-Ireland dimension, to pursue the establishment of a new policing service, the release of all political prisoners, equal rights for the Irish language, and equality in all aspects of life and for all sections of our people.

The most effective way for people to use their vote in the election on 25 June is to vote for Sinn Féin. Sinn Féin is dedicated to pursuing the people's desire for change. Every vote for Sinn Féin will help deliver that change.

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