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21 May 1998 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

All Travellers should be tagged like cattle to monitor them.

Mayo Fine Gael Councillor John Flannery's racist remarks last week.


Throughout the world millions of people are being terrorised by brutal regimes and more and more investors, individual and corporate, are taking stances against companies who contribute to that terrorisation. Surely as a church it is incumbent on us to have a policy by which we can demonstrate to the world that we care not only with our words but with our actions as well.

A delegate at the Church of Ireland Synod during the debate on the church's links to companies involved in the arms trade. The motion to decide if it was compatible to be involved with such companies waa defeated. Irish News, Thursday 14 May.


Whiles the Richt wurd is `Naa' (It is right to say No).

Poster at a United Unionists rally opposing the Good Friday Agreement, written in `Ulster Scots dialect'. Irish Times, Thursday 14 May.


There are three-and-a-half million fewer jobs in Europe than there were in 1991, at the time of the Maastricht Treaty.

INOU's Mike Allen at a press conference to launch the group's No campaign on the Amsterdam Treaty. Thursday 14 May.


People know that the decisions taken at last Sunday's Sinn Féin Ard Fheis were difficult for many republicans. They were taken in good faith. We expect good faith in return. Nationalist rights are not concessions that are the gift of unionism or the British government to give or to withhold.

Mitchel McLaughlin on the Tony Blair's speech in Belfast last week. Friday 15 May.


If you are engaged, it means you are going to get married. If you join a common defence policy, it means you are part of a common defence policy. We may lose this week, but we will be proven right in the end.

Anti-Amsterdam campaigner Roger Cole. 17 May.


By coming into the area at dead of night, by beating people off the street, opinion has been dramatically changed. People felt betrayed, especially by Mo Mowlam who had promised she would inform them personally of her decision well in advance. Two thousand of our people were prevented from going to Mass to force through the parade.

Garvaghy Road Councillor Breandán Mac Cionnaith on the residents decision to allow outside people attend their protests against this years Drumcree Orange march.


The rule does not bar people because of their religion, political beliefs or nationality. It bars people who play an active role in attacking the very foundations on which the GAA stands, Irish culture and national identity as defined in article 2 of the GAA constitution and rules.

Sinn Féin Youth Spokesperson after Rule 21 protest at the Down v Tyrone championship match in Omagh. Irish News, Monday 18 May.


I think we are moving into a situation where the logic - although there cannot be any certainty that logic guides British policy - of the current situation moves the North into a state of limbo. I think that state of limbo, of uncertainty, could be unsettling and very unstable.

Gerry Adams arguing that the British Government should work towards a united Ireland. 20 May.

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