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21 May 1998 Edition

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Looking to the future

Mindful of the changed political landscape which they have helped to create, republicans are looking to the future with confidence. Sinn Féin has been central to the political negotiations which have resulted in the Good Friday document and this week's referenda North and South. Republicans see these events, not as ends in themselves but as a starting point for a new phase of struggle.

The struggle and commitment of republicans which has brought the situation to this phase will be needed in the future to ensure that the opportunities presented are built upon.

A Yes vote in the Six County referenda means that committments to equality and rights for nationalists contained within the Good Friday document must be honoured. Sinn Féin intends to ensure that this happens.

A Yes vote in the North will also result in new structures and institutions there. Republicans will use these developments to further pursue our objectives of national democracy and freedom. This is the only guarantee of lasting peace in Ireland.

Republicans must increase our political strength for the battles that lie ahead. We are well placed at this point to do so. Sinn Fein is the party of the future. It will grow and expand in the years ahead building on the gains already made and opening up new opportunities.

The future for Ireland is peace based on freedom, justice and equality. Sinn Féin will ensure that that objective is kept firmly centre stage.

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