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14 May 1998 Edition

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US activists briefed

Three senior members of Sinn Féin travelled directly from the Ard Fheis in Dublin on Sunday to brief activists in the US on the outcome

Paul Doris, national chairperson of The Irish Northern Aid Committee who are sponsoring a series of public meetings for the three throughout the US, said, ``This is a whirlwind tour, and presents a great opportunity to hear directly from the Sinn Féin leadership on the results of the Ard Fheis. We're trying to reach as many supporters on a personal basis as we can.''

Doris added, ``It is significant that Sinn Féin is making a great effort to brief supporters in INA and Clan na Gael, those who have been the backbone of Republican support in the US for the past 30 years.''

SF Ard Chomhairle members Joe Cahill, Martin Ferris and Pat Treanor will spend a week in the US, with Cahill and Ferris concentrating on the east coast and Treanor traveling to the mid-west and the west coast to meet with INA units, Clan na Gael camps and other activists.

Paul Doris also congratulated Sinn Féin on its overwhelming approval of the Good Friday document at Sunday's Ard Fheis in Dublin and reaffirmed INA support for the Republican Movement.

``On Sunday the people spoke and the leadership of Sinn Féin now have a clear mandate to move forward in this new phase of struggle,'' said Doris.

``As has been the case for nearly 30 years, Irish Northern Aid remains at the side of the men and women of the Republican Movement as it struggles on to a reunited Ireland.

``The fact that the party leadership secured a 96% approval in this new effort is a clear indication that Republicans are headed into the future with overwhelming support and a clear direction in the days to come.

``With the backing of Republican prisoners - men like Padraig Wilson, OC in Long Kesh, Geraldine Ferrity, OC of the women in Maghaberry, and Mick O'Brien, OC in Portlaoise - it is clear that the movement is firmly united on the road to the future.

``Irish Northern Aid will continue its work in support of Irish political prisoners and their families and the Republican goals of a united Ireland free of British interference.''


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