14 May 1998 Edition

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Nationalists under fire

Over the last few weeks Nationalists in the Newington area of North Belfast have been subjected to verbal abuse and assault from loyalists in nearby Tiger's Bay.

The trouble centres on the loyalist end of Halliday's Road where there is only a narrow entry separating the area from Newington.

It has become a nightly occurrence for loyalist youths to climb on to the backyard walls and hurl brick and bottles into the yards and through the windows of the homes of Nationalists opposite.

The RUC have been called numerous times by terrified residents but they have refused to do anything about the situation. On most occasions they do not even write a report on the incidents.

``The last time the RUC came out the officer didn't take even take down any details and said as he was leaving, `I'm off at 3 o'clock, you'll have to see the ones coming on', but nothing was done,'' said one young woman. ``I've had to move my children out of the back bedroom and into the attic because of the attacks.''

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