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1 October 2010

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British Army undercover unit watched murder

Damien Walsh was shot dead by UDA

AN undercover unit of the British Army watched the murder of a teenager yet did nothing to intervene, a report by the Historical Enquiries Team has confirmed.
Seventeen-year-old Damien Walsh was shot dead by UDA gunmen at a coalyard in west Belfast where he worked in March 1993. The building was under surveillance by an undercover British Army unit at the time of the shooting.
The military unit did not intervene either to apprehend the killers or administer first aid to the victim. They emerged ten minutes after the attack only to give false information to RUC officers called to attend the crime scene.
The surveillance team’s sole intervention appears to have aided the killers in their getaway. The specialist surveillance unit gave the RUC false information about the vehicle used in the attack, the wrong colour and wrong make of car.
The family has also raised concerns that DNA found on a balaclava found at the scene has never been tested against the main loyalist suspects.

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