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18 December 1997 Edition

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Councillor and POWs get bullets in post

TWO republican POWs have recieved threatening Christmas cards in the post containing bullets.

Seán Hill and Gerry Butler, from the Ballycastle area, are serving 14 years and life respectively. The pair were told the news by the prison authorities who intercepted the .22 bullets at the weekend.

The revelation comes after news that the Sinn Féin councillor for the north Antrim area, James McCarry also recieved a bullet in the post.

Wrapped up in professionally printed UVF greetings card, the .22 bullet was delivered to his home on Saturday. It bore a similar post card to those which the prisoners received.

The Moyle Councillor was the target for a loyalist bomb attack earlier this year. The bomb was discovered when he carried out a routine check on the underside of his car.

Commenting on this latest incident, Councilor McCarry said: ``As far as I am concerned, it is a follow-up to the bomb which was placed under the car in June. No doubt the same people were involved.

The UVF keep telling us that they are on a ceasefire, but I don;t believe that anybody believes that. I would like David Ervine or Billy Hutchinson to meet me to discuss it or at least issue a statement because apparently the troops appear out of control.''

A member of the IRSP also received a bullet in the post with a threatening Christmas card.

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