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10 June 2021

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New An Phoblacht podcast will challenge establishment perspective

Irish republicanism is in the midst of historic and exciting times as Sinn Féin continues to grow in size and political strength and the struggle for a united Ireland and a fairer, equal society increases in momentum.

In 2018, reflecting the development of our struggle in a changing media environment and the growth of online activism, An Phoblacht moved from a monthly newspaper to an expanded online presence and a new magazine format.

Now, in another signpost of change, progress and growth, An Phoblacht is embarking on an exciting new project.

To meet the demands of a growing audience for the politics of radical republicanism, and to adapt to the fast-developing world of social media, An Phoblacht is launching a new Podcast series.

The series will complement, enhance and deepen the experience offered by our quarterly magazine and online articles.

More importantly it establishes another valuable platform in our struggle, challenging the establishment media narrative on political events and offering fresh, new and progressive ideas, perspectives and analysis.

There remains a huge imbalance within conventional Irish political coverage, which is dominated by a narrow circle of ‘opinion formers’, mainly supporting the perspective of the political establishment.

We want to contribute to addressing this imbalance, focusing more on grassroots, progressive activism and ideas. And, as we have always done, we intend to go way beyond party political coverage, providing stimulating content on media, the arts, sport and the true life stories of ordinary people.

The An Phoblacht Podcast series will be launched next week and episodes can be downloaded and listened to whenever you want: out for a run, in the car, while doing the ironing!

So, join us in another exciting chapter in the development of An Phoblacht by listening to the podcast which will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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