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3 April 2021

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Remembering Ireland’s patriot dead

Republican Roll of Honour – Liosta Laochra na Poblachta

In any normal year republicans across Ireland would be preparing for commemorations to mark the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Speakers would be named, speeches written, colour parties would be putting the last touches to their training, and bands would be travelling to events all over the island.

This year, there will again be no commemorations in body, but republicans across Ireland will be there in spirit, whether it is logging on for an online event or just simply spending a few personal moments reflecting on our dead martyrs.

Here today we reprint the Roll of Honour in memory of Republicans whose names are recorded here. These men and woman, Volunteers in Óglaigh Na h-Éireann, Cumman Na mBan, Fianna Éireann, and members of Sinn Féin gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom.

They did not seek favour or glory, and irrespective of personal sacrifice, pledged their lives in service of the Republic.


Republican Roll of Honour – Liosta Laochra na Poblachta


1st Battalion

Vol Tony Henderson, April 4th, 1971

Vol Terence McDermott, October 2nd, 1971

Vol Martin Forsythe, October 24th, 1971

Vol Tony Jordan, June 28th, 1972

Vol John Finucane, June 28th, 1972

Vol Francis Hall, August 30th, 1973

Vol Daniel Burke, April 9th, 1974

Vol Gerard Fennell, November 8th, 1974

Vol John Rooney, November 15th, 1974

Vol Seán McDermott, April 5th, 1976

Vol Thomas Kane, July 6th, 1976

Vol Danny Lennon, August 10th, 1976

Vol Brendan O’Callaghan, April 23rd, 1977

Vol Dan Turley, June 9th, 1983

Vol Tom McGill, February 28th, 1986

Vol Jim McKernan, September 14th, 1986

Vol Margaret McArdle, June 7th, 1987

Vol Kevin McCracken, March 14th, 1988

Vol Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh, March 16th, 1988

Vol Patricia Black, November 15th, 1991

Vol Frankie Ryan, November 15th, 1991

Vol Pearse Jordan, November 25th, 1992

Vol John O’Rawe, April 4th, 1994

Vol Jimmy Roe, August 12th, 1996

2nd Battalion

Vol Liam McParland, November 6th, 1969

Vol Jimmy Steele, August 9th, 1970

Vol Peter Blake , October 27th, 1970

Vol Tom McGoldrick, October 27th, 1970

Vol Charles Hughes, March 8th, 1971

Vol Séamus Simpson, August 11th, 1971

Vol Danny O’Neill, January 7th, 1972

Vol Albert Kavanagh, March 4th, 1972

Vol Gerard Crossan, March 9th, 1972

Vol Tony Lewis, March 9th, 1972

Vol Seán Johnston, March 9th, 1972

Vol Tom McCann, March 9th, 1972

Vol Patrick Campbell, March 25th, 1972

Vol Robert McCrudden, August 3rd, 1972

Vol Michael Clarke, August 11th, 1972

Vol Jimmy Quigley, September 29th, 1972

Vol Daniel McAreavey, October 6th, 1972

Vol Patrick Maguire, October 10th, 1972

Vol John Donaghy, October 10th, 1972

Vol Joseph McKinney , October 10th, 1972

Vol Stan Carberry, November 13th, 1972

Vol Francis Liggett, January 18th, 1973

Vol Edward O’Rawe, April 12th, 1973

Vol Joseph McKenna, May 16th, 1973

Vol Patrick Mulvenna, August 31st, 1973

Vol James Bryson , September 22nd, 1973

Vol Martin Skillen, August 3rd, 1974

Vol John Kelly, January 21st, 1975

Vol John Stone, January 21st, 1975

Vol Paul Fox, December 1st, 1975

Vol Seán Bailey, February 13th, 1976

Vol James McGrillen, February 15th, 1976

Vol Paul Marlowe, October 16th, 1976

Vol Tommy Tolan , July 27th, 1977

Vol Billy Carson, April 25th, 1979

Vol Kevin Delaney, January 17th, 1980

Vol Terence O’Neill, July 1st, 1980

Vol Liam Hannaway, February 2nd, 1981

Vol James Burns, February 23rd, 1981

Vol Tony Campbell , August 4th, 1985

Vol Brian Dempsey, June 25th, 1986

Vol Finbarr McKenna, May 2nd, 1987

Vol Proinsias Mac Airt, January 8th, 1992

Vol Harry Burns, February 3rd, 1999

3rd Battalion

Vol Michael Kane,  September 4th, 1970

Vol James Saunders, February 6th, 1971

Vol Billy Reid, May 15th, 1971

Vol Patrick McAdorey, August 9th, 1971

Vol Tony Nolan, December 8th, 1971

Vol Gerald McDade, December 21st, 1971

Vol Joseph Cunningham, February 10th, 1972

Vol Gerard Bell, February 21st, 1972

Vol Gerard Steele, February 21st, 1972

Vol Robert Dorrian, February 21st, 1972

Vol Joseph Magee, February 21st, 1972

Vol Samuel Hughes, April 7th, 1972

Vol Charles McCrystal, April 7th, 1972

Vol John McErlean, April 7th, 1972

Vol Edward McDonnell, May 28th, 1972

Vol Jackie McIlhone, May 28th, 1972

Vol Joseph Fitzsimmons, May 28th, 1972

Vol Martin Engelen, May 28th, 1972

Vol Louis Scullion, July 14th, 1972

Vol James Reid, July 15th, 1972

Vol Joseph Downey, July 21st, 1972

Vol Séamus Cassidy, July 28th, 1972

Vol James Sloan, February 3rd, 1973

Vol Tony Campbell, February 4th, 1973

Vol James McCann, February 4th, 1973

Vol Patrick McCabe, March 27th, 1973

Vol Brian Smyth, April 17th, 1973

Vol Seán McKee, May 18th, 1973

Vol Frederick Leonard, May 7th, 1974

Vol Séamus McCusker, October 31st, 1975

Vol Martin McDonagh, January 13th, 1976

Vol Frank Fitzsimmons, October 16th, 1976

Vol Joseph Surgenor, October 16th, 1976

Vol Trevor McKibbin, April 17th, 1977

Vol Jackie McMahon, January 18th, 1978

Vol Jackie Mailey, June 21st, 1978

Vol Denis Brown, June 21st, 1978

Vol Jim Mulvenna, June 21st, 1978

Vol Laurence Montgomery, January 5th, 1979

Vol Frankie Donnelly, January 5th, 1979

Vol Martin McKenna, October 23rd, 1979

Vol Laurence Marley, April 2nd, 1987

Vol Brendan Davison, July 25th, 1988

Vol Thomas Begley, October 23rd, 1993



Vol Hugh Hehir, May 6th, 1988



Vol Tony Ahern, May 10th, 1973

Vol Dermot Crowley, June 25th, 1973




Vol Dorothy Maguire, October 23rd, 1971

Vol Maura Meehan, October 23rd, 1971

Vol Anne Parker, August 11th, 1972

Vol Anne Marie Petticrew, September 1st, 1973

Vol Bridie Dolan, February 9th, 1975

Vol Laura Crawford, December 1st, 1975

Vol Rosemary Bleakley, January 13th, 1976


Vol Vivien Fitzsimmons,  February 10th, 1973


Vol Pauline Kane, July 21st, 1973


Vol Julie Dougan, July 8th, 1972



Vol Thomas McCool, June 27th, 1970

Vol Thomas Carlin, June 27th, 1970

Vol Joseph Coyle, June 27th, 1970

Vol Eamonn Lafferty, August 18th, 1971

Vol James O’Hagan, August 19th, 1971

Vol Colm Keenan, March 14th, 1972

Vol Eugene McGillan, March 14th, 1972

Vol John Starrs, May 13th, 1972

Vol Séamus Bradley, July 31st, 1972

Vol Michael Quigley, September17th, 1972

Vol John Brady, November 28th, 1972

Vol James Carr, November 28th, 1972

Vol James McDaid, December 29th, 1972

Vol Joe Walker, December 3rd, 1973

Vol Gerard Craig, June 24th, 1974

Vol David Russell, June 24th, 1974

Vol Michael Meenan, October 30th, 1974

Vol John McDaid, December 7th, 1974

Vol Ethel Lynch, December 7th, 1974

Vol Jim Gallagher, May 17th, 1976

Vol Brian Coyle, June 30th, 1976

Vol Denis Heaney, June 10th, 1978

Vol Pat Harkin, October 2nd, 1978

Vol Patrick Duffy, November 24th, 1978

Vol George McBrearty, May 28th, 1981

Vol Charles Maguire, May 28th, 1981

Vol Eamonn Bradley, August 25th, 1982

Vol Phil O’Donnell, December 24th, 1982

Vol Richard Quigley, April 21st, 1984

Vol Ciarán Fleming, December 2nd, 1984

Vol Danny Doherty, December 6th, 1984

Vol Willie Fleming, December 6th, 1984

Vol Charles English, August 6th, 1985

Vol Tony Gough, February 22nd, 1986

Vol Philip McFadden, May 31st, 1986

Vol Patrick O’Hagan, August 9th, 1986

Vol Gerard Logue , March 22nd, 1987

Vol Paddy Deery, October 28th, 1987

Vol Eddie McSheffrey, October 28th, 1987



Vol Martin Lee, December 18th, 1971

Vol John Bateson, December 18th, 1971

Vol James Sheridan, December 18th, 1971

Vol Danny McMullan, February 7th, 1982

Vol Antoine Mac Giolla Bhrighde, December 2nd, 1984

Vol Francis Bradley, February 18th, 1986

Vol James Kelly, March 25th, 1993



Vol Peter McElcar, July 17th, 1976

Vol Raymond McLaughlin, September 9th, 1985

Vol Damien Brolly, December 30th, 1991



Vol Patrick Cannon, July 17th, 1976

Vol Colm Daltun, January 15th, 1983

Vol Mick Timothy, January 26th, 1985

Vol Christy Harford, May 5th , 1992

Vol Martin Doherty, May 21st, 1994



Vol Michael Gaughan (Parkhurst Prison), June 3rd, 1974

Vol James McDade, November 14th, 1974

Vol Brian Fox, December 21st, 1974

Vol Francis Stagg (Wakefield Prison), February 12th, 1976

Vol Edward O’Brien, February 18th, 1996

Vol Diarmuid O’Neill, September 23rd, 1996



Fian Gerald McAuley, August 15th, 1969

Fian Michael Sloan, January 11th, 1972

Fian Eamon McCormick, January 16th, 1972

Fian Gerry Donaghy, January 30th, 1972

Fian David McAuley, February 19th, 1972

Fian Seán O’Riordan, March 23rd, 1972

Fian Michael Magee, May 13th, 1972

Fian Joseph Campbell, June 11th, 1972

Fian John Dougal, July 9th, 1972

Fian Tobias Molloy, July 16th, 1972

Fian Joseph McComiskey, September 20th, 1972

Fian Bernard Fox, December 4th, 1972

Fian Seán Hughes, December 4th, 1972

Fian Michael Marley, November 24th, 1973

Fian Robert Allsopp, March 23rd, 1975

Fian James Templeton, August 29th, 1975

Fian Kevin McAuley, November 6th, 1975

Fian James O’Neill, February 12th, 1976

Fian Paul McWilliams, August 9th, 1977

Fian John Dempsey, July 8th, 1981



Vol Jack McCabe, December 27th, 1971

Vol Thomas O’Donnell, May 17th, 1973

Vol Mairéad Farrell, March 6th, 1988

Vol Dan McCann, March 6th, 1988

Vol Seán Savage, March 6th, 1988

Vol Séamus Twomey, September 12th , 1989



Vol Michael Motley, June 12th, 1993

Vol Patrick Kelly, June 11th, 1997



Vol Patrick Sheehy, January 2nd, 1991



Vol Francis Dodds, September 9th, 1973

Vol Teddy Campbell, May 3rd, 1974

Vol Patrick Teer, July 2nd, 1974

Vol Hugh Coney, November 6th, 1974

Vol James Moyne, January 13th, 1975

Vol Henry Heaney, June 4th, 1978

Vol Seán Bateson, June 7th, 1990

Vol Pól Kinsella, December 13th, 1994



Vol Bobby Sands, May 5th, 1981

Vol Francis Hughes, May 12th, 1981

Vol Raymond McCreesh, May 21st, 1981

Vol Patsy O’Hara (INLA), May 21st, 1981

Vol Joe McDonnell, July 8th, 1981

Vol Martin Hurson, July 13th, 1981

Vol Kevin Lynch (INLA), August 1st, 1981

Vol Kieran Doherty, August 2nd, 1981

Vol Thomas McElwee, August 8th, 1981

Vol Mickey Devine (INLA), August 20th, 1981



Vol Seán McKenna, June 5th, 1975

Vol Peadar Mohan, February 1st, 1981



Vol Colm Murtagh, August 9th, 1972

Vol Patrick Hughes, August 22nd, 1972

Vol Oliver Rowntree, August 22nd, 1972

Vol Noel Madden, August 22nd, 1972

Vol Brendan Quinn, December 24th, 1973

Vol Edward Grant, December 24th, 1973

Vol Patrick McKeown, August 27th, 1974

Vol Michael Hughes, October 18th, 1974

Vol Robert Carr, April 1st, 1980

Vol Brendan Watters, August 8th, 1984



Vol Phelim Grant, February 5th, 1972

Vol Charles McCann, February 5th, 1972

Vol Henry Hogan, February 21st, 1984

Vol Declan Martin, February 21st, 1984

Vol Peter Rodden, December 7th, 1987

Vol Gerard Casey, April 4th, 1989



Vol Michael Crossey, November 22nd, 1971

Vol Charles Agnew, December 17th, 1971

Vol John Francis Green, January 10th, 1975

Vol Terry Brady, December 5th, 1975

Vol David Kennedy, December 10th, 1975

Vol Seán Burns, November 11th, 1982

Vol Gervase McKerr, November 11th, 1982

Vol Eugene Toman, November 11th, 1982

Vol Eddie Dynes, March 1st, 1983

Vol Seán McIlvenna, December 17th, 1984



Vol Tom Smith, March 17th, 1975

Vol Brendan Seery, February 19th, 1992



Vol Kevin Coen, January 20th, 1975

Vol Joseph MacManus, February 5th, 1992



Vol Michael McVerry, November 15th, 1973

Vol Seán Boyle, February 1st, 1975

Vol Francis Jordan, June 4th, 1975

Vol Seán Campbell, December 6th, 1975

Vol James Lochrie, December 6th, 1975

Vol Peter Cleary, April 15th, 1976

Vol Séamus Harvey, January 16th, 1977

Vol Peadar McElvanna, June 9th, 1979

Vol Brendan Burns, February 29th, 1988

Vol Brendan Moley, February 29th, 1988

Vol Fergal Caraher, December 30th, 1990

Vol Eugene Martin, April 8th, 1996

Vol Malachy Watters, August 8th, 1996

Vol Keith Rogers, March 12th, 2003



Vol Louis Leonard, December 15th, 1972

Vol Séamus McElwain, April 26th, 1986



Vol Peter McNulty, January 26th, 1972

Vol James Carlin, August 26th, 1972

Vol Martin Curran, August 26th, 1972

Vol Leo O’Hanlon, February 10th, 1973

Vol Francis Rice, May 18th, 1973

Vol Alphonsus Cunningham, July 21st, 1973

Vol Paul Magorrian, August 14th, 1974

Vol Colum Marks, April 10th, 1991



Vol Denis Quinn, July 3rd, 1972

Vol Hugh Heron, October 16th , 1972

Vol John Patrick Mullan, October 16th, 1972

Vol Eugene Devlin, December 27th, 1972

Vol Kevin Kilpatrick, May 13th, 1973

Vol Seán Loughran, June 25th, 1973

Vol Patrick Carty, June 25th, 1973

Vol Gerard McGlynn, August 11th, 1973

Vol Séamus Harvey, August 11th, 1973

Vol Daniel McAnallen, August 16th, 1973

Vol Patrick Quinn, August 16th, 1973

Vol Desmond Morgan, November 26th, 1973

Vol Jim McGinn, December 15th, 1973

Vol Patrick McDonald, March 15th, 1974

Vol Kevin Murray, March 15th, 1974

Vol Eugene Martin, May 13th, 1974

Vol Seán McKearney, May 13th, 1974

Vol Neil Lafferty, April 26th, 1975

Vol Paul Duffy, February 26th, 1978

Vol Brian Campbell, December 4th, 1983

Vol Colm McGirr, December 4th, 1983

Vol William Price, July 13th, 1984

Vol Charlie Breslin, February 23rd, 1985

Vol David Devine, February 23rd, 1985

Vol Michael Devine, February 23rd, 1985

Vol Declan Arthurs, May 8th, 1987

Vol Séamus Donnelly, May 8th, 1987

Vol Tony Gormley, May 8th, 1987

Vol Eugene Kelly, May 8th, 1987

Vol Paddy Kelly, May 8th, 1987

Vol Jim Lynagh, May 8th, 1987

Vol Pádraig McKearney, May 8th, 1987

Vol Gerard O’Callaghan, May 8th, 1987

Vol Séamus Woods, July 7th, 1988

Vol Brian Mullin, August 30th, 1988

Vol Gerard Harte, August 30th, 1988

Vol Martin Harte, August 30th, 1988

Vol James Joseph Connolly, February 6th, 1989

Vol Liam Ryan, November 29th, 1989

Vol Dessie Grew, October 9th, 1990

Vol Martin McCaughey, October 9th, 1990

Vol Noel Wilkinson, March 3rd, 1991

Vol John Quinn, March 3rd, 1991

Vol Malcolm Nugent, March 3rd, 1991

Vol Dwayne O’Donnell, March 3rd, 1991

Vol Tony Doris, June 3rd, 1991

Vol Lawrence McNally, June 3rd, 1991

Vol Pete Ryan, June 3rd, 1991

Vol Danny McCauley, June 4th, 1991

Vol Seán O’Farrell, February 16th, 1992

Vol Kevin Barry O’Donnell, February 16th, 1992

Vol Patrick Vincent, February 16th, 1992

Vol Peter Clancy, February 16th, 1992



Jim Murphy, April 24th, 1974

Paul Best, February 18th, 1976

Colm Mulgrew, June 5th, 1976

Derek Highstead, July 16th, 1976

Noel Jenkinson (Leicester Prison), October 9th, 1976

Maire Drumm, October 28th, 1976

Seán Ó Conaill (Parkhurst Prison), October 1st, 1977

Peter Corrigan, October 25th, 1982

Jeff McKenna, November 8th, 1982

Paddy Brady, November 16th, 1984

John Davey, February 14th, 1989

Tommy Casey, October 26th, 1990

Sam Marshall, March 7th, 1990

Eddie Fullerton, May 24th, 1991

Pádraig O Seanacháin, August 12th, 1991

Tommy Donaghy, August 16th, 1991

Bernard O’Hagan, September 16th, 1991

Pat McBride, February 4th, 1992

Paddy Loughran, February 4th, 1992

Danny Cassidy, April 2nd, 1992

Sheena Campbell, October 16th, 1992

Malachy Carey, Dec 12th, 1992

Peter Gallagher, March 24th, 1993

Alan Lundy, May 1st, 1993

Pat McGeown, October 1st, 1996

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