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4 December 2019

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Standing up for Newry & Armagh - Mickey Brady for MP

"I have been working for the people of this area my entire adult life and I can honestly say it has never been more important to stand up and be counted than it will be on December 12th..." - Mickey Brady

There are serious issues facing us in this election. 

Our health service is at breaking point, the Tories and DUP have conspired to inflict the most savage cuts to public services in a generation and the planet is facing a climate catastrophe that requires all of us to act.

These are where our efforts should be going but one issue continues to overshadow everything else.

Brexit, in whatever form it takes, will be a disaster for north. It overshadows all these issues because it has a direct effect on all of them.

Even with a deal, Britain stands to lose tens, if not hundreds of billions by leaving the EU.

Does anybody believe that in the face of this, services and infrastructure in the north of Ireland will be high on anyone's list of priorities in Westminster?

Does anybody believe that any British Government is going to replace the hundreds of millions in funding that the north, particularly the border region, receives from the EU through programmes like PEACE and INTERREG?

On top of that the threat of a physical border has not gone away. Boris' deal imposes two borders on our island, while the DUP are still hell bent on a crash out Brexit and their real goal, the reimposition of a hard border. A hard border that will destroy decades of economic and social progress.

That is why, despite all the other challenges we face, this election is about Brexit.

It is crucial we elect as strong a Sinn Féin team as possible to send the message to Westminster, Europe and the world that we in the north have rejected Brexit and rejected borders.

It was Sinn Féin TDs that made special status and the backstop policy in Dublin.

It was Sinn Féin MEPs that won the backing of the European Parliament, ensuring that no hard border was a red line for EU negotiators.

It was Sinn Féin MPs that secured support in Washington from Congressional leaders in the US who vowed to block any trade deal with Britain if there was a hard border in Ireland.

This is how we have used our electoral strength to represent the people of the north.

There is no solution to Brexit to be found in Westminster.

Westminster has proven that when it comes to Brexit all it has to offer is confusion, dithering and ever worsening deals.

59 Scottish MPs could achieve nothing for Scotland. 10 DUP MPs were in coalition with the Tories and still got thrown under the bus.

Sinn Féin will not allow our constituents to become another Westminster casualty.

If you re-elect me as the MP for Newry/Armagh I will continue to work with our Sinn Féin TDs, MLAs and MEPs to fight Brexit everywhere it counts.

I will continue to provide a first class constituency service to the people of Newry /Armagh. I will be here, when you need me, not snoozing on the benches of Westminster or trying to secure a cushy position in the House of Lords.

I will fight tooth and nail against cuts, austerity and the DUP/Tory war on the working class.

I will use my influence to lobby other parties, governments and organisations to support border communities, Irish unity and the Remain vote.

I have been working for the people of this area my entire adult life and I can honestly say it has never been more important to stand up and be counted than it will be on December 12th.

Reject Brexit, reject Boris, reclaim your future – Vote Mickey Brady, Vótáil Sinn Féin!

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