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31 August 2016

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How do you like them Apples, Fine Gael?

Fine Gael head office this morning

PROTESTERS dumped dozens of apples at the headquarters of the Fine Gael party in Dublin this morning as the controversy over the €13billion Apple Tax scandal continues.

On Tuesday a European Commission investigation found computer giant Apple's tax arrangements in Ireland amounted to illegal state aid and ordered the company to pay €13billion plus interest in back taxes.

However, the Irish Government led by Fine Gael is planning on using taxpayers' money to appeal the tax windfall.

SFRY Demand the Government recoup the €13B owed from Apple

Speaking to An Phoblacht, a member of Sinn Féin Republican Youth in Dublin said they are sickened by the attitude of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour:

“We have a situation where hospitals are overcrowded, young people cannot afford to buy a home and education fees are soaring – yet this Government is willing to spend more taxpayers' money to let Apple off the hook. You actually couldn't make it up!”

Fine Gael HQ apples

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