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17 August 2013

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Dublin human chain for Catalan independence – Sunday 1 September 5:14pm sharp at GPO

The 11 September event follows last year’s demonstration when 1.5million people took to the streets of Barcelona to demand the constitution of an independent Catalan state

A WORLDWIDE HUMAN CHAIN in support of Catalan self-determination has been called for by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) in the run-up to its mass mobilisation in Catalonia on 11 September is being supported by Sinn Féin.

The 11 September event follows last year’s demonstration when 1.5million people took to the streets of Barcelona to demand the constitution of an independent Catalan state. This time, hundreds of thousands of Catalans will join their hands to form a vast human chain across the country, from north to south, following the Catalan coastline.

But that’s not all, says one of the Catalan activist organisers in Dublin, Alba Diví Carné:

“We want this human chain to extend beyond the borders of our country and reach everyone who is a friend of Catalonia and supports the people’s right of self-determination.

“Up to 11 September, the ANC Catalan Foreign Assemblies are organising ‘The International Catalan Way’, small-scale replicas of the human chain in Catalonia in the main cities of the world.

“So you can join us in Dublin on Sunday 1 September at 5:14pm at the General Post Office in O'Connell Street.

Catalan GPO 2013

“This will be a unique event to celebrate freedom and solidarity.  And, needless to say, the more people that join us, the bigger impact it will have for our cause.

“We hope you will help us spread the voice and that there will be a lot of Irish people showing their support for Catalunya, and our fight to achive independence democratically.”

The images recorded of events held up until 3 September will be edited in a video that the ANC will use to promote ‘The Catalan Way’ to encourage participation and to internationalise the issue of Catalan self-determination, seeking the support of other countries.

 ◼ Sinn Féin TD and Dáil spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Seán Crowe, said:


"Last year, on September 11, the National Day of Catalonia, 1.5 million Catalans marched through the streets of Barcelona to demand their right to self-determination. This year on September 11 hundreds of thousands of Catalans will form a human chain across Catalonia, from north to south, to again demonstrate the right of Catalonia’s right to self-determination.

“Tthere will also be re-enactments of the human chain in support of the Catalan cause in major cities across the world, including Dublin.

"I will be attending the demonstration in Dublin and I encourage all Sinn Féin activists, and those who believe Catalans are entitled to the right of self-determination, to attend and participate in this unique and highly important event."

Some of the other locations with International Catalan Way events that have been confirmed or already taken place include:-

Bangkok (Thailand), September 1, 5:14pm, Parc Lumphini

Beijing (China), August 31, Great Wall of China

Berlin (Germany), August 25, 5:14pm. Location to be determined.

Bogotá (Colombia), September 1, 11:30am, Simón Bolívar Statue

Boston (USA), September 2, 4pm, Boston Public Garden, statue of G. Washington

Boulder, Colorado (USA), August 24, 5pm, Chautauqua Park

Brisbane (Australia), September 1, 10am, Kangaroo point (Captain Burke park)

Brussels (Belgium), September 1, Atomium. Time to be determined.

Buenos Aires (Argentina), August 24, 4pm, Plaza del Congreso.

Cologne (Germany), August 25, 6pm, in front of the Cathedral.

Dublin (Ireland), September 1, 5:14pm, General Post Office (GPO) O'Connell Street

Edinburgh (Scotland). Date, time and location to be determined.

Hamburg (Germany), August 25, 4pm, Stadtpark(Grosse Festwiese)

Hong Kong, August 9, 8pm, Avenue of Stars

Houston, Texas (USA), August 24, 10am, NASA Houston

L'Alguer (Sardinia, Italy), September 11, 6:30pm, Plaça del Portal

Lausanne (Switzerland), September 1, 5pm, Place de la Navigation à Ouchy.

Lima (Peru), September 1, 11am, Pl. San Martín

Lisbon (Portugal), August 30, 6pm, Belém Tower

London (England), August 31, 4pm, House of Commons, Westminster

Los Angeles (USA), August 25, 11am, Griffith Park

Luxemburg City (Luxembourg), September 7, 4 pm, Hêlle Fra

Manchester (England), August 31, Catalan Square, 2 pm

Melbourne (Australia), September 1, 12pm, Federation Square (Information point)

Mexico DF (Mexico), August 31, 12pm, Angel de la Independencia

Miami (USA), August 31, 6pm, Ocean Drive

New York City (USA), August 31, 5pm, Times Square. Meeting point at 12pm in Central Park for a pic-nic.

Paris (France), September 2, 7pm, Champs de Mars - Tour Eiffel

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), August 18, 12pm, Botafogo beach

Rome (Italy), August 3, 6:30pm, Saint Peter's square in the Vatican

San José (Costa Rica), August 31, 4pm, Casal Català de Costa Rica

Santiago de Chile (Chile), August 31, 11:30am, Parque Bicentenario

São Paulo (Brazil), August 25, 11am, Monumento à Independência, Parque da Independência


Sydney (Australia), September 1, 11am, Opera House

Szczecin (Poland), August 3, 2 pm, Port of Szczecin.

Toulouse (Occitania, France), September 7, 4:30pm, Place du Capitole

Venice (Italy), to be determined, San Marco Square

Vienna (Austria), July 13, 3pm, Danube riverfront

Washington DC (USA), September 4, 6:30pm, The White House

Wellington (New Zeland), September 1, 11am. Location to be determined.

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