3 July 1997 Edition

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RPG 7 attack in North Belfast

On Thursday night 26 June around 11.45pm the crew of a British armoured personnel carrier came under attack when the IRA launched a rocket propelled grenade in North Belfast.

The ambush took place on the Limestone Road as the RUC vehicle came onto the Limestone Road from Mile River Street, beside the loyalist Tigers Bay area. It is a regular route used by both the British military and the RUC when moving between their York Road, North Queen Street and Antrim Road barracks.

This was the first time an RPG 7 had been used since before the IRA cessation of August 1994. The armoured piercing missile glanced off the front of the APC and struck an empty building.

The IRA's Belfast Brigade, in a statement saying one of their active service units was involved said: ``This area has been observed over the past number of weeks and enemy movements comprehensively charted. Immediately prior to the RPG unit moving into their position several other British patrols passed close by, but failed to notice the launcher being armed by our Volunteers.''

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