11 February 2010 Edition

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Mála Poist

Cuireann An Phoblacht fáilte roimh litreacha ónár léitheoirí. Scríobh i nGaeilge nó i mBéarla, 200 focal ar a méid. Déantar giorrú ar litreachta más gá. Cuir do litir chuig [email protected]
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By their words...

LET ME START with a quote from a recent commentary on the agreement reached on policing and justice:
“Tremendous damage has been done in the interim by people with irredentist views who put politics above any value they place on human life, and who have destroyed human life on an industrial scale in the interests of what they regarded as political progress. Meanwhile, politicians have attempted agreements, most recently with the political representatives of those most responsible for the most devastation.”
Your readers may be forgiven for thinking that these were the words of some hysterical anti-republican, partitionist Fine Gaeler or a hack from the Sunday Independent. In fact these are the words of Labour leader Eamon Gilmore, speaking in Leinster House this week.
Perhaps those who would like Sinn Féin to build an alliance with people who espouse


View from Canada

AS AN Irish-Canadian I am once again flabbergasted that the wishes of the Orange (Dis)Order have been the cause of bringing the peace process to the very brink. Where else in the free world would this be possible? Answer: Nowhere.
There is, I believe, a simple solution. If they want to march nearly four thousand times a year then let the Order pay all costs of security and policing. A Garvaghy road jaunt would cost them about half a mill. See how many marches take place under that rule. The same, of course, would apply to all organisations that sponsor parades, green or orange.


Greek tragedy

THE latest media limelight on the Greek economy highlights again the whole undemocratic nature of what is going on within Europe and also globally in the financial markets, whereby a country’s credit rating is judged by companies who are non accountable.
It is clear that private financial companies are betting on whether Greece will fall. So these unaccountable companies will maximise their short-term profits, with unfortunate long-term severe consequences for all of Europe’s economies and its workers.
We all suffer as a consequence. I ask what is Europe going do?

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