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5 November 2009 Edition

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The Mary Nelis Column

Britain’s mercenaries more interested in Queen’s shilling

DID anyone notice last week that when Peter Robinson stood up to address the British House of Commons, the chamber emptied, except for some members of the DUP? And even they looked as if they couldn’t wait to get out.
The British Government recognises greed when it sees it and unionist greed is continually turning up at Number10 as an irksome reminder to Gordon Brown that he has been left to sort out a problem that Blair was happy to abandon.
The unionist caretakers the British Establishment created in the North of Ireland to service its political and economic interests are now being exposed for the mercenaries they are, more interested in the Queen’s shilling than the Queen, and determined to milk the hapless Brown for all he is worth.
Nationalists have long recognised that as long as the British Government continues to open the coffers to the financial demands of unionist politicians or to keep the blood money flowing to the cannon fodder foot soldiers, needed to fight Britain’s ongoing imperial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the prospects of a financial peace dividend to underpin the Good Friday Agreement becomes more remote.
More importantly the prospects of the British footing the Bill for independent enquiries by the relatives of victims of collusion in state murder are becoming remoter by the day.
The constant demands by individuals who were and some who still are involved in British war machine and security industries for money, is insatiable. The latest involves the RUC Reserve.
Huge sums have been already paid to individuals in the RUC, the RIR, Prison Officers, civilian searchers, not forgetting the undisclosed pay offs to touts and informers. One could argue that this is the price such individuals are demanding for their silence in a bloody conflict that saw 27,000 British soldiers, as well as 18,000 ‘Ulster soldiers’, on the streets of a place that would fit into a corner of London. Yet this wasn’t a war, it was ‘troubles’ and the only victims of the ‘troubles’ were those created by ‘IRA violence’. 
That’s the line being peddled by unionism in general and by those being wined and dined in the British Embassy in Tripoli at the weekend, the 16th Anniversary of the infamous UDA/ UFF ‘trick or treat’ attack on the Rising Sun Bar in Greysteel, Derry on Halloween night.
The attack claimed the lives of nine people and there has been ongoing speculation that at least one of the murderers was an RUC Special Branch informer.
In the weeks prior to the Greysteel massacre, ten nationalists were murdered.
While the Libyan’ victims gravy train’ delegation led by Jeffrey Donaldson and Willie Frazer, not short of a few bob themselves, were in Tripoli, pursuing their claim to be financially compensated by the Libyan Government, the relatives of the victims of state violence were appraising members of the United States Congressional Committee on the need for an independent truth commission to deal with the issue of collusion between British security forces and unionist paramilitaries.   
The difference in the two delegations could not have been more manifest.
Those who testified at the Congressional hearing in Washington acknowledged that all victims’ rights must be to the forefront of any truth recovery process essential to building a lasting peace.
The unionist Libyan delegation was not there in the interests of truth or indeed peace. They just want money. Greed is a terrible affliction.

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