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6 August 2009 Edition

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15-year-old Bernard Teggert was not an informer

Bernard Teggert was killed on November 13, 1973.
In October 2004 the IRA accepted responsibility for his death.
The IRA at that time stated that Bernard Teggert’s death was wrong and offered it’s sincere apologies for the pain and grief that it’s actions have caused to the Teggert family.
It has been suggested that Bernard Teggert was an informer.
Republican sources have stated categorically that it is clear, following the initial investigation, that Bernard was not an informer.
These sources have expressed profound regrets again about the killing of Bernard Teggert.
It should not have happened.
Just like his father, Danny Teggert, who was killed in 1971 by the British army, Bernard was an innocent victim.
Hopefully the stigma which surrounded Bernard’s death will now be removed and this will help the Teggert family who have suffered grievously as the result of the conflict.
The Teggert family have welcomed this development.
A spokesperson for the family said, “we know Bernard was innocent. He was not an informer. We are glad that that stigma has been removed”.

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