30 July 2009 Edition

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California Democratic Party adopts Irish reunification as official party policy

united Ireland: Rita O’Hare and Gerry Adams in San Francisco last month

united Ireland: Rita O’Hare and Gerry Adams in San Francisco last month

Irish American Democratic Club

THE Irish in San Francisco gathered for a community meeting in the Sunset District on 27 June to discuss the goal of a united Ireland. The community spoke with one voice and made clear that the Irish in San Francisco and throughout California maintain a determination to strive for a united Ireland.
Subsequently, the Irish American Democratic Club, supported by the Irish American Caucus of the California Democratic Party, took the initiative of writing a resolution that would make Irish unification part of California Democratic Party policy.
The Irish American Democratic Club is one of the largest political clubs in the city and takes its role as the voice of the Irish in San Francisco politics very seriously. Since the club’s foundation, it has been consistently committed to the peaceful reunification of Ireland.
The resolution, co-authored by Jeannie Maher, President of the Irish-American Democratic Club, states in part that “the California Democratic Party strongly supports Irish reunification and urges both the state legislature and the California Democratic Congressional delegation to support all peaceful actions that support the final reunification of the island of Ireland [Éire] by all electoral and diplomatic means necessary”.
The resolution was co-sponsored by Senator John Burton, Chair of the California Democratic Party. It was debated by the Irish-American Democratic Club on 14 July. A motion to adopt the resolution was made by legendary Democratic Party activist Jane Morrison, and seconded by Joan Simmons, President of the Democratic Women’s Forum. The motion was passed unanimously.
The California Democratic Party executive board unanimously endorsed the unification resolution on 19 July, thereby making it official policy of the California Democratic Party.
A copy of the resolution will be forwarded to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
This resolution reflects the desire of the Irish to attain the goal of the political reunification of the island of Ireland. It is expected that this resolution will act as a source of inspiration to Irish people throughout the world. It demonstrates that, while not living in Ireland, it is still possible to support and encourage the continued development of the island.
Britain has stated that it has no selfish or strategic interest in the North of Ireland. It is thus clear that the road to a united Ireland lies on the island of Ireland. It is the Irish people who will create the parameters within which a united Ireland can exist. But they will do so knowing that they have the support of Americans, and especially the California Democratic Party.
In the era of Obama, can we be successful and see the dream of a united Ireland converted into reality?
Is féidir linn - Yes we can!

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