2 July 2009 Edition

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British ‘Armed Forces Day’ an insult

The idea that a day is set aside to celebrate the role of the British army is an insult to many people who suffered at their hands, not least in Ireland.
The British army and their masters in the British Government have left a trail of death and destruction throughout Ireland, particularly in the six counties.
Here in Tyrone we are all too aware of their campaign of terror, intimidation and torture. Shoot-to-kill operations, collusion with loyalist deaths squads and early morning raiding parties will forever be associated with the British army campaign in the six counties.
It is insulting that  a day has been set aside to pay some sort of tribute to these people.


The trouble with Trots...

I AM in favour of Sinn Féin reaching out to form a Left alliance but Joe Higgins’s Socialist Party doesn’t half make it hard.
In an article syndicated across the Trotskyist online media worldwide, Joe Higgins’s campaign manager, Kevin McLoughlin, boasts in an article that lambasts Sinn Féin and Labour for not being as socialist as the People’s Front of Never Never Land:
“Our defeat of Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald was a huge blow to its leadership and capped off a poor election for it...”
“Our defeat” of the Sinn Féin candidate?!!!
I’ll remember that, ‘comrade’.
Dublin 5


Publicly funded pro-Lisbon propaganda

THE government might not be able to use taxpayers money as part of the campaign to con us into a ‘Yes’ vote on the Lisbon Treaty but that doesn’t mean they haven’t found a way to push their agenda.
Over the past week Minister Mícheál Martin announced that almost a million euro is going to be spent on pro-EU information campaigns ahead of the second referendum. We can expect special EU supplements in the newspapers, massive advertising on local radio because pro-EU material is not political, it’s informative.
Let’s face it. There’s no way the ‘No’ side has ever been able to compete in terms of campaign spending. We’ll be lucky to be outspent ten-to-one. But what we can do is knock on doors, meet people and talk to them. The ‘Yes’ side don’t like that, they don’t like dealing with people in an uncontrolled environment. We need to do it if we’re to win again.

An Phoblacht
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