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11 June 2009 Edition

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Conor Murphy challenges attackers to explain actions

SINN FÉIN Minister Conor Murphy has challenged those who fire bombed his home in the early hours of Thursday morning, 4 June, to explain their actions.
The home of the south Armagh republican was attacked as he and his family were asleep. The home of his elderly parents-in-law, who live next door to the Murphy family, was also targeted in the incident.
Responding to speculation as to who was behind the attack Murphy said that the arsonists who “sneaked into my yard and traumatised my kids, my parents-in-law and my wife haven’t offered any explanation as to who they are or what they are about.
“It is incumbent on them to do so and let people decide whether they offer a better way forward. Until such time as these people come out from under cover of darkness we can’t actually ascertain who they are or what their motives are.”
According to Murphy, he and his family and in-laws were asleep when the attackers torched the car parked outside his Camlough home and that of his father and mother-in-law.
“We had to evacuate our kids and bring them to neighbours’ houses in case the fuel in the vehicles exploded,” said Murphy.
“The people who came in here and did this had no regard for the safety of any of the people in either house. It was just an intent to cause damage and quite potentially a loss of life.”

The Sinn Féin politician praised the efforts of the fire and rescue service whose prompt action prevented the fires from the burning vehicles spreading to their homes.
The attack on Murphy’s home comes in the aftermath of a series of threats issued  by micro groups against members of the Sinn Féin leadership, particularly Martin McGuinness.
Across the Six Counties, arson and paint bomb attacks directed at Sinn Féin offices have been blamed on members of micro groups.

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