9 April 2009 Edition

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Ógra salute Fianna in Easter message

IN its Easter message, Ógra Shinn Féin sends greetings to imprisoned republicans, their families and the families of Ireland’s patriot dead.
The republican youth organisation also pledges ongoing support for the oppressed people of Palestine.
Ógra says that, as republicans gather this Easter to commemorate Ireland’s patriot dead, it is important that they increase efforts to achieve the Irish Republic.
Major tasks ahead are the building of a progressive left movement for change, a  resounding ‘No’ vote in  any re-run of the Lisbon Treaty and further advances in the Peace Process.
The building a left movement for change across Ireland could reverse budget cuts, particularly in education, and any attempted reintroduction of student fees.
“There has been no better time to build such an alliance, and we are committed to making it a success,” the Ógra statement says.

Ógra says that the Peace Process has ensured massive progress in the republican project. Young republicans, it says, can now express and pursue republican goals in an open and democratic manner.
“The Orange state has been smashed. Republicans and nationalists are no longer second-class citizens, and more and more people are supporting a united Ireland everyday, popularised through our community activism and demonstrating quality leadership in the Assembly, Leinster House and councils across Ireland.”
Ógra also points out that 2009 is a milestone year in Irish republican youth history, marking the 100th anniversary of the first republican youth movement, Na Fianna Éireann.
“Na Fianna, founded on Lower Camden Street, Dublin, on 16 August 1909, demonstrated the bravery, energy and ingenuity of young republicans throughout its existence, playing a key role in the Easter Rising and training many young republicans into important leadership figures in the freedom struggle.
“Na Fianna proved time and again its commitment and dedication to achieving an Irish Republic, with many young Fians paying the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of our republican objectives.
“In all, 54 Fians died fighting for the Irish Republic. We honour their commitment and pledge to fittingly commemorate their legacy throughout this year, educating a new generation about their actions and inspiring the Irish youth of today to take up their task to achieve and build a free, democratic, socialist republic.
“We appeal to all young republican men and women to play their part in the struggle by joining Ógra Shinn Féin. We are the generation who will make the Irish Republic a reality.
“Béirigi bua!”

DERRY: Some young republicans at the Ógra Easter mural 

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