8 January 2009 Edition

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Slaughter in Gaza

COULD Labour Party members of Dublin City Council explain why they opposed a perfectly reasonable Emergency motion from Sinn Féin at the Council’s recent monthly meeting calling for action over the situation in the Gaza Strip?
Sinn Féin sought to have the City Council condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent Israeli attacks and invasion of  Gaza and to urge the Lord Mayor to invite the Israeli Ambassador to meet with leaders of all political parties as a matter of urgency to discuss the situation.
What on earth could members of a supposedly progressive party and alleged party of  the Left find to disagree with in this motion? Does the Labour party in Dublin still claim the mantle of that hero of anti-imperialism James Connolly?
I think that the people of Dublin, particularly Labour party voters horrified at the events in Gaza need a public explanation for the actions of that party’s councillors on this issue
Baile Átha Cliath 3

With the horrors being perpetrated in Gaza, the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin must call in the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland to explain to him that Ireland will not stand by while innocent Palestinians are slaughtered. The Minister should explain that he will propose at an EU level a suspension of preferential trade with Israel unless an immediate ceasefire is called.
The humanitarian situation in Gaza is at a disastrous level as the Israeli offensive continues. Hundreds of men, women and children have already been killed while thousands more have been injured. This campaign cannot be allowed to continue and the International Community, including Ireland, needs to make its voice heard.
It is time for Minister Martin to back up his strong words with strong action to help bring about an end to this unjustifiable attack on the Palestinian people.


Arm-wrestling Beverley Flynn

SO Taoiseach Brian Cowen is going to talk to Prodigal TD Beverley Flynn about giving up the Independent TD’s allowance (i.e. €120k of tax-payers’ money) that she is no longer morally entitled to now she’s back in Fianna Fáil.
Why, when the Government party is looking at tightening the public purse, does the leader of that party practically have to arm-wrestle one of its best-known TDs to do the right thing?
Dublin 5


Ministerial Mercs and cutbacks

WITH the Irish Government looking for cutbacks for everyone, I am amazed that not one Junior Minister has handed back their state car. It just goes to show their sense of patriotic duty.
Dublin 22

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