18 December 2008 Edition

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Mála Poist

Cuireann An Phoblacht fáilte roimh litreacha ónár léitheoirí. Scríobh i nGaeilge nó i mBéarla, 200 focal ar a méid. Déantar giorrú ar litreachta más gá. Cuir do litir chuig [email protected]
An Phoblacht welcomes readers’ letters. Write in Irish or English, 200 words maximum. Letters may be edited for brevity. Send your letters to [email protected] No attachments please

Fianna Fáil’s ‘patriotism’

I SEE Fianna Fáil ministers are describing shopping in the North as “unpatriotic”.
I wonder what the fledgling Fianna Fáil cumainn in Armagh have to say about that?
Come to think of it: I haven’t heard the SDLP say too much about Fianna Fáil’s partitionist ‘patriotism’.
Dublin 5


Re-running Lisbon

I WOULD like to suggest that Sinn Féin is missing a trick when it comes to objecting to the re-running of the Lisbon referendum. The party campaigned against Michael McDowell’s race-baiting referendum on citizenship in 2004, which undermined the Good Friday Agreement and took away the right to Irish citizenship of children born in Ireland. Surely we can now re-run that again? Then there was the 1997 referendum on cabinet confidentiality. Can’t we re-run that one? I, for one, would like to know just how craven the Greens are behind closed doors. The party of transparency and openness, Green politics is clean politics and so on.
For that matter, can we fight Nice again?
Best two out of three?
We’re up for it Brian.
Don’t think you are.

Crisis, what crisis?

The Country is in its worst financial difficulties since the foundation of the State, hundreds of thousands are out of work, ah but the Politicians are off from this Thursday until 27 January 2009. Don’t they deserve it. Crisis what crisis?
Dublin 22

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