27 March 1997 Edition

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Trades Unionist threatened

A TRADES UNIONIST AND MEMBER of the United Against Bigotry campaign which led a demonstration to Our Lady's chapel at Harryville on Saturday 15 March has told An Phoblacht that he received a threatening note from loyalists through his front door and that he had insults hurled at him in the street where he lived just days after the protest.

The man said he is extremely worried about this threat and is now looking to move to a safer area of Belfast.

``What really worries me,'' he said, ``is that these threats came right after the protest. I fear for my safety and want rehoused''.

At first the man dismissed the threat in the note but got really worried when he was abused in the street and when speaking to us he said he was convinced that someone had put the word out about his involvment in the Harryville demonstration.

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