18 October 2007 Edition

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'Sick' loyalist graffiti mocks murder

Danny Cassidy

Danny Cassidy

YOUNG LOYALISTS who painted the words “Who killed Danny?” on a Kilrea road in County Derry in a reference to the murder of Danny Cassidy in the early 1990s, have been accused of a “sick act”.
The slogan, which appeared on the Mill Road, was signed with the initials “GYD”, thought to be a reference to the ‘Garvagh Young Defenders’. The letters “UVF” were also sprayed on a car parked at the bottom of nearby Coleraine Street in the town.
Danny Cassidy was shot dead in Kilrea on 2 April 1992 in an attack claimed by the UDA/UFF but his killing is viewed by local people as one of the acts of collusion between the British Army or the RUC and the UDA.
Sinn Féin Councillor Billy Leonard said:
“This sick act is undoubtedly an attempt at annoying local people and raising tensions in the town. It is not the first time that loyalists have mocked Danny Cassidy. Everybody would think that they should have learned by now that such depraved nonsense has no place in this society.
“It is time that if there are a few people in local loyalism with sense to tell these people to catch on and stop letting everyone know that they have absolutely nothing to give to anyone.”

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