20 February 1997 Edition

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Joyriding death result of ``indifference''

The death of an 11-year-old boy during a `joyriding' accident has been blamed on official neglect and ``years of indifference''.

Cork city Sinn Féin representative Don O'Leary said the death last Sunday 16 February, of Christopher O'Flynn had led to ``some less than compassionate mutterings''. But the task of raising children is many parts of Cork is made more difficult by the ``damning neglect these areas have suffered through the years,'' he said, adding: ``If anyone is pointing accusing fingers let them do so at the right target, those who have the power and have done nothing.'' The government, Cork Corporation and all agencies with responsibility must act to ensure no child is inclined to get into a stolen car again, O'Leary said.

``Sinn Féin will give whatever support we can to those communities who wish to initiate any democratic campaign to gain the facilities and finances necessary to achieve what every government has failed to deliver up to now''.

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