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20 February 1997 Edition

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RUC intimidate community activists

By Stephen Delaney

Despite RUC harassment, residents from Poleglass and Twinbrook in West Belfast vowed to continue their campaign against anti-social behaviour.

Last Saturday 15 February RUC members verbally abused residents as they patrolled their areas and confiscated radios the group was using. According to Poleglass resident Libby Nellins the RUC members involved were drunk.

She told An Phoblacht, ``The residents' presence on the streets has significantly cut crime in these areas. There is no obvious signs of drug dealing and `joyriding' has been cut by about 75%. But this success goes against everything the RUC have worked for and probably explains why they confiscated our stinging devices [spiked chains for stopping stolen cars] and legally-held two-way radios, which were rented with money collected in the area''.

An Phoblacht
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