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22 May 2007 Edition

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Were the British spying on Sinn Féin?

It has came to light that over the past months and during a period of crucial discussions on the peace process involving senior Sinn Féin leaders at the party's Falls Road headquarters, British Intelligence may have been running a spying operation from the Falls Road library across from the Sinn Féin office.

Reports said the Falls Road Library, which overlooks the Sevastapol Street offices of Sinn Féin, may have been used by British securocrats to spy after local people. Staff sighted what can only be described as unusual activity.

In the past number of weeks, four men carrying military issue backpacks were spotted in the roof space of the library. Also, a number of sets of keys went missing while doors that should be locked were found open.

Seven years ago, British Army sleeping bags were found in the attic of the library.

Sinn Féin Councillor Fra McCann, who represents the Lower Falls area, in a statement said: "Given the fact British Intelligence has bugged the cars, homes and telephones of Sinn Féin negotiators, it would come as no surprise if the securocrats were spying on Sinn Féin at a crucial and dangerous time for the peace process."

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