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5 April 2007 Edition

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Republicanism confident and strong

Easter is a special time for Irish republicans. It is a time when we recall the sacrifices made by many people over many years in the cause of Irish freedom. It is also a time when we take stock of the state of the republican struggle and renew and rededicate our commitment to the ideals of the men and women of 1916.
The huge endorsement given to Sinn Féin in the recent elections in the Six Counties, the momentous political events of last week and the real prospect now of republicans in government in the Six Counties, are evidence of the current strength and relevance of Irish republicanism. Republicanism is stronger and more confident now than at any time since the 1920s.
The agreement between the political representatives of Irish republicanism and unionism last week was an important and necessary milestone on the road to national reconciliation which is vital to building a future based on the republican and democratic objective of peace between Orange and Green.
Sinn Féin this week announced its Ministerial team for the new power sharing Executive to be formed following the agreement reached between the party and the DUP to restore the political institutions on 8 May.
All of the political parties are now determined to restore the institutions and to take up the challenges that lie ahead. It is now the collective responsibility of all to deliver for the people in terms of public services and quality of life. Infrastructure and economy in the Six Counties must also be overhauled and improved for the benefit of all.
During the election campaign Sinn Féin made commitments on the expansion of the all-Ireland agenda, the economy, the promotion of equality, rural affairs, policing and justice, housing, health, education and the environment. In government Sinn Féin will work to deliver on its commitments.
As an all-Ireland party much of the focus of the Sinn Féin organisation will now switch to the 26 Counties and the upcoming general election. The party is confident of further increasing its mandate and representation in Leinster House but many weeks of hard work by party activists lie ahead to make that a reality.
In whatever institutions they occupy, North or South, Sinn Féin elected representatives will remain focussed on the party’s republican objectives – a united, independent Ireland.
This is a time of huge opportunity for Irish republicanism. That opportunity must be seized by republican activists and supporters alike.
Republicans should be confident that our primary objective of ending the partition of our country and the establishment of a united and independent Ireland is eminently achievable. Indeed, tangible progress towards our goals has been made.

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